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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My lazy song

Week 4 of my weightloss situation and it is a hard week so far, it seems like I cant get up in hte morning, I am definitely not as motivated as I was the first 3 weeks and I wish for a magical weightloss cure every day. Did you ever have to lose weight in your life? Well let me tell you something my husband did not he is so slim and thin you would think he was a crack in the wall if he stood sideways. hehehehe (I hope he never decides to read my blog he will hang me out to dry, which does not sound like such a bad idee right about now, good weight loss can come from such harse treatment).

No really he sometimes makes it impossible for me, he loves me the way I am and dont get me wrong I am greatfull for that, but the other day I told him how I am lusting after a piece of fudge but he knows that is the last thing I can eat right now, but what does he do the next day he buys fudge and tries to literly stick it down my trought.

In such low days I just keep reminding myself things can only get thinner o sorry I mean better.

Every step I take is a step closser to the thinner me but then again everything I eat feels like I am overdoing it, which is not really the truth, it just feels like it. Us women, never satisfied.

So what happens to me today, I ran into a woman I know who used to be bigger than me, much, and she lost so much weight she looks like a new person and afcourse much thinner than me. Not good for my vunrable ego at the moment. What is that saying "God if you cant make me thin please make my friends fat".

Thanks for keeping an eye on my blog, I will keep it updated. and the picture thing, this is so not a good week for that the way I feel, I think I will break the screen.

Ari Vidatsi
The Fat Lady

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My first "song"

Whatever like I can write a song, no I but at this moment I am so very proud of myself for getting this blog thing going.

I am surely not the first person to try to lose weight and also not the last, every women's dream is to be a skinny bitch, well I guess you can say I have the bitch thing going for me sometimes, but as far as skinny goes I am soooooo very far from it.

I dont hate myself, but for so long I tried to avoid the mirrors in my house, biggest mistake ever, because now that I have seen myself after 4 years it is a shock, no a earthquake. I got pregnant about 5 years ago, no lets refrase it sound like the wind blow over me and it just happend, I got married, had intercouse and fell pregnant, by my husband, if you were wondering and this was the start of all my overly over weight problems, not my over weight problems because that I had all my life thanks to all my "big" genes.

Pregnacy was my excuse for eating a whole lot more than regular people, well I never lost the weight I gained with my first beautifull child and a year and a half later I was blessed with another pregancy, great stuff then I ate a little bit better. Now my yongest is two and I gained about 50+kg's.

Yes, I know I made the choice to stuff myself full of the cakes, sweets , carbs ect. and therefore I cant blame it on occurences in my life, but at that time I knew "better". I was definetely not young and impresionable I was young and "all knowing". I still sometimes think I know everything, accept for the fastest and best weight loss gimmic, but that is a "song" for another day.

So now I am in week 3 of my weight loss situation and I get very frustrated because I soooooo want to eat all the things that is bad for me, and therefore I started this blog, my own self empowered motivation and the progress of the comedy and depresion of "the days of my fat-loss".

I am not on a particular dieet I just do the exercise thing and eat very healthy, you know leaves and stuff. So feel free to put in your 50 cents on my blog, I would really like new friends and "motivational song writers" to keep me going.

I will also put up a picture of the "Fat Lady" as soon as I figured out how.

Thanx for reading

The Fat Lady